I am an Avid Product Review Reader.

Anytime I need to buy anything I read every review I can find. I can often be spotted sitting down in the aisle of Walmart reading about the moisturizing face cream that I have in my hand. “Should I buy it? Let’s find out what other people who have used it think!”

There’s so many consumer reviews to go through that it can take what feels like forever to come up with an answer. More professional reviewers can seem almost biased, plus that’s just one person’s experience. I loved reading reviews and loved learning about new products and that gave me an idea…. 

I was going to review review pages and create a comprehensive review! A one stop shop for people in search of reviews, if you will. I could then post the affiliate link for the product at the bottom of each review and presto! I would be in the online affiliate marketing business. 

I think I did about three reviews before throwing in the towel. It was boring and tedious and I just didn’t like it very much so I couldn’t stick with it.  The time it took to produce the quality of content that I demanded from myself was not worth the time it took. Literally.

The experience wasn’t all bad – I learned one very valuable lesson: in order to stick with it, you have to enjoy it. 


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