After my Affiliate Marketing Flop I Laid Low for Awhile

I figured internet money making wasn’t for me. Of course, I couldn’t get out of the business entirely; I had to get my fix. 

I played with surveys. You know, those online questionnaires where you fill out 100+ questions and it takes up 30 minutes of your life just to earn 10 points which equates to $.001 or, even better, you spend 25 minutes filling out 85 questions just to find out you didn’t qualify for said survey. 

I tried hard though. I was a member of every survey site. I had an email account dedicated to them. As soon as one would pop up that I would supposedly qualify for I would jump on it. I had every survey app on my phone and would check them all of the time — hoping, finally this would be “the one.” Alas, this too ended in failure. 

Perhaps surveys would be for some people, but clearly not for me. I don’t think I fit the correct demographic, as I almost never qualified for a survey outside of the first several you’d receive right after creating an account. I assume those surveys are to get you “hooked.” Make you think, “Ah! Yes! I can do this!” Maybe you can do this, but I sure can’t.  And I really honestly hope that you can do this. With my entire heart, I hope this for you. There would be nothing better than being able to make a dollar while simultaneously relaxing and watching TV, or taking a bath, or enjoying the sunset. 

Hours spent on these surveys left me with not enough money to cash out and a frustration like no other. I still find myself wanting to go back to the surveys. Wanting to give them one last go, maybe this time it’ll work for me, maybe.. maybe… that remind me, I need to check my survey apps. 


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