I love my job. I swear I do. 

It’s a great job and I’m extremely passionate about it. I feel like I am making a difference, most days.

But my job doesn’t pay well. My job barely pays the bills and rarely puts food on the table.

“Do what you love and the money will come…” they say…

Sure, maybe. That could be entirely true, absolutely probable, but I’ve given it ten years. I was complacent, I loved my job and I loved the fulfillment that came with doing my job. I tried to look for alternative work to supplement my income but all of those moonlighting gigs would have gotten in the way of my passion — and so I became complacent. Every so often i would Google “How to Make Money Online” or “Real Ways to Make Money Online” or “How to Work from Home” and I would find billions of blogs and YouTube videos crafted by idealistic and inspired characters who were going to give you the secret to making money online. Sure, I tried it. I would stick with a blog or an affiliate marketing scheme for a week or so before losing interest and becoming complacent again.

But then my life changed. I was in a head on car accident on the way to the job I loved. My car was destroyed, and I walked away from the accident scene with nothing more than a black eye, hurt hand, and an airbag burn. No broken bones, no serious physical injuries. But this experience made me stop and think, was the job I loved worth all of the miles spent on the road? Worth all of that risk? I thought it was. Reality hit me in the face though when the motorist who hit me turned out to be uninsured, my insurance was giving me the run around, and I did not make enough money to buy a car – which I desperately needed in order to even do the job I loved. This is when I decided something needed to change.

I’m not interested in quitting the job I love to solely work online, but I want to make enough money to be able to ENJOY the job I love. To be able to pay the bills and feed myself, and for God’s sake be prepared for the unexpected disasters that life will be sure to throw at me; you know it will. 

And all of that is to say, this is why I am writing this, why I am starting this blog: I want to talk about my experiences, what I’ve learned, and where I am going with it. I want to share my experiences in trying to figure out this strangely confusing and overly optimistic money making online world so maybe I can help someone else. Maybe I can bring some clarity to someone else. And maybe I can buy some groceries while I’m at it.